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Lacomp keeps investors fully informed about the progress of all investments by sending updates about each company's development on a six-monthly basis but, because of the early-stage nature of the underlying investments, does not attempt to increase valuations of investee companies until two years have elapsed.

It must be borne in mind that putting a value on companies in the early stages of their development is essentially a subjective process.  A company is only worth what a willing buyer is prepared to pay which, in turn, presupposes that there is a willing seller!

Lacomp deliberately pursues a conservative valuation policy, only uplifting the valuation where this can be substantiated by events that are either in the public domain or known to us due to our close ties with the investee companies (including the attendance of all board meetings in our monitoring role).  However, the valuations will reflect any dilution arising from new fund raising rounds, which may well be for the ultimate benefit of the investee company and, therefore, its investors.