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Lacomp EIS Funds

Why choose Lacomp EIS Funds?

Investing in an Enterprise Investment Scheme is more than simply a matter of looking at generous tax breaks, or exciting underlying investments.

It also involves knowing that these investments are of greater  risk than more conventional funds, and that the underlying holdngs are therefore carefully selected and closely monitored by an expert panel of independent specialists in this sector, supported by an experienced administration team.

How investors can benefit

Many investors look for exceptional capital growth potential in some of their investments.  This is why we opted for a low investment entry level of £5,000, making this exciting opportunity available to almost everyone.

Other investors are faced with CGT liabilities, be this through selling a business, a property or other assets, and some investors may not have seven years left to mitigate potential IHT liabilities and could find a solution in an EIS investment under the Business Property Relief rules.

For investors who wish to invest a significant amount in EIS qualifying companies, we are able to construct individual, bespoke EIS portfolios matching the investors' chosen risk profile.

The risk warnings are clearly spelt out in our brochure, but we strongly urge investors to consult their professional adviser.

Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss Lacomp's EIS Funds in more detail.  We will also be pleased to put you in direct touch with members of our Investment Advisory Panel.